Contested National Assembly of Pakistan elections 1993,1997,2002 and 2008

Was elected as an independent member of National Assembly in 1997, when only one party PML-N could secure National Assembly seats from Punjab. Except independent member no other political party could get a single National Assembly seat from Punjab.

Unanimously elected as chairman of the independent group of eleven members in National Assembly. Other independently elected members of National Assembly in this group were seasoned personalities e.f Arbab Ghulam Rahim, Sardar Nusrullah Dareshk, Late Mr. Asghar Khan Alias Halakoo Khan, Sardar Jaffer Khan Laghari, Mr. Krishin Chand Parwani and Mr. Khash Khelli,

Among very few politicians of business background contesting successfully in a rural dominated constituency against traditional feudal families having political influence since decades.

Donated all remunerations, benefits, travel allowances as member of National Assembly to the development of Pakistan through government with the advise to other well-off Assembly colleagues to follow this example.

In each of four elections got 40,000 or more votes. Constituency NA-86 consists of Chiniot city urban area 38 percent of total voters and surrounding rural area 62 percent voters. In each of four elections got around 60 percent of Chiniot city urban area casted votes and all parties PPP, PML-N and PML-Q candidates collectively could get only around 40 percent of Chiniot city urban area casted votes.

Chiniot is one of the twenty-five big populated cities of Pakistan, with its population of three hundred thousand inhabitants. It is an ancient locality having history as old as 300 years BC.

The Shaikh community of Chiniot established trade and industry throughout sub continent since 19th Century and contributed vigorously in developing economic activity in Pakistan. Significant percentage of textiles, chemicals, tanneries and other industries and a sizeable percentage of the country foreign trade is managed by this community. They generate hudge revenues to the national exchequer & employ hundreds of thousands people. Chinioti families are also among major industrial and trading groups of Pakistan.

It is by the grace of almighty Allah who bestowed this opportunity to Mr. Shaikh to represent the historical region of CHINIOT famous for business community and having continuous living civilization since 300 BC.


Chief Executive Officer:

Established joint ventures with multinationals:

a)  Qaiser LG Petrochemicals (Pvt.) Ltd., a chemical manufacturing company, producing Di Octyl Phthalate (D.O.P) and Butyl Acetate in collaboration with LG group, a multinational conglomerates of South Korea

b) Qaiser Noman Bernas (Pvt.) Ltd. with Bernas, a semi government Malaysian company having exclusive right to import rice in Malaysia.

Qaiser Noman Bernas (Pvt.) Ltd., received export trophies awards from president of Pakistan/Prime Minister of Pakistan for Five consecutive years from 2000 to 2004.

LG and Bernas were motivated to bring foreign investments to establish chemicals and rice plants in Pakistan in partnership.

Other Companies:

Qaiser Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd. Established in 1967, is a business firm doing international trade

Gadoon Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Is a plastic sheets/bags manufacturing industry.